NRF Historic Tax

NRF Historic Tax Information

This section of our web site contains historical information. You should not assume that the information contained in this section is correct on any date after the respective dates such information was first issued. We have not undertaken any responsibility to update the information contained in this section after it was first posted.

Feb 2, 2018
Download Documentation NRF – 2017 Dividend Tax Treatment
Mar 2, 2017
Download Documentation NRF – 2016 Form 8937
Feb 7, 2017
Download Documentation NorthStar 2016 Dividend Tax Treatment
Jan 29, 2016
Download Documentation NorthStar 2015 Dividend Tax Treatment
Mar 3, 2015
Download Documentation NorthStar 2014 Dividend Tax Treatment
Feb 20, 2014
Download Documentation NorthStar 2013 Dividend Tax Treatment
Feb 19, 2013
Download Documentation NorthStar 2012 Dividend Tax Treatment
Mar 1, 2012
Download Documentation NorthStar 2011 Dividend Tax Treatment
Feb 25, 2011
Download Documentation NorthStar 2010 Dividend Tax Treatment
Feb 19, 2010
Download Documentation NorthStar 2009 Dividend Tax Treatment
Feb 9, 2009
Download Documentation NorthStar 2008 Dividend Tax Treatment
Jan 31, 2008
Download Documentation NorthStar 2007 Dividend Tax Treatment

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